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The Most Beautiful Room Divider

Transform the Aquarium keeping experience with the PENINSULA. The PENINSULA takes the “room divider” to a new level with best in class features and unmatched clarity.

PENINSULA  |  88 - 227 Gallons

All Models include aquarium, cabinet, and sump filtration system.

Full Glass Overflow

Overflow boxes are constructed entirely of glass with water-etched weir teeth.

Dual Adjustable Return Nozzles

Each side of the glass overflow box features adjustable return nozzles for precise water agitation.

Glass Overflow Cover

Each Waterbox has an overflow cover with unique branding.


Removable Weir Teeth

Newly designed removable weir teeth system allows for easy maintenance and cleaning. 

*Available on the 3620 and 4820

Simple as ABC

Our engineers have designed the PENINSULA with a ready to assemble plumbing kit that provides easy installation without any gluing required.

Quick Connect Assembly

Assembly is quick and easy with no gluing required

Precision Gate Valve

Controls the flow through the drains, ensuring quiet operation.

Safety Drain

Diverts water into the filtration compartment preventing an overflow, in the event of a clog.


Additional valves available for optional equipment.

*Available on the PENINSULA 6025and PENINSULA 7225

Flexible Return Line

Accommodates your choice of return pump by using a flexible hose.

Check Valve

Designed to eliminate back-siphoning, in the event of a power failure.

*Available on the PENINSULA 6025and PENINSULA 7225

A Reef Ready
Sump System

Our engineers have designed the PENINSULA with a ready to assemble plumbing kit that provides easy installation without any gluing required.

Filter Socks

Filter socks are an important for filtering out harmful bacteria and waste. Sock sizes and accessories differ by model.

Include two 4" 225 micron felt filter socks with two 4" silencers.

Include two 4" mesh and two 4" 225 micron felt filter socks with  two 4" silencers.

Removable Refugium Baffle

Provides the option to utilize a refugium for nutrient export.

*Available on the PENINSULA 6025 and PENINSULA 7225

Evaporation Reservoir

The sump system has dedicated chamber for the use of an auto top-off controller.

Evaporation Reservoir

The sump system has dedicated chamber for the use of an auto top-off controller.

Pre-Cut Filter Sponge

Increases filtration and reduces micro-bubbles in the system.

Accessibility from both sides.

Waterbox furniture is designed to elevate your living spaces with our first in class cabinetry and finishes. Our PENINSULA offers the industry’s only cabinet with access from both sides.

Soft-Close Doors

PVC coated hinges with soft close doors.

Leveling Feet

Leveling feet to provide long-lasting support and stability.

Push-Open Doors

Recessed push-open hardware.

Interchangeable Access 

Unique to the PENINSULA 3620 and 4820, you can decide which side to position the doors.

(2) AI HMS Brackets
(1) AI HMS 2-Arm Kit
(1) AI HMS 60″ Rail

MyAI App Blueprint

Download the customized lighting scheduled specifically designed for fish only.

Download Fish Only Blueprint Download Soft Corals Blueprint Download Mixed Reef Only


System Height with Cabinet 1550mm/61" 1550mm/61" 1500mm/59.1" 1500mm/59.1"
Total Volume 334 L/88.2 gals 411 L/108.5 gals 705 L/186.3 gals 859 L/227 gals
Tank Dimensions 900 x 500 x 550mm 1200 x 500 x 550mm 1536 x 643 x 600mm 1836 x 643 x 600mm
35.4"×19.7"×21.7" 47.2"×19.7"×21.7" 60.5"×25.3"×23.6" 72.3"×25.3"×23.6"
Glass Thickness 12mm (1/2") 12mm (1/2") 19mm (3/4") 19mm (3/4")
Water Height 535mm/21.1" 535mm/21.1" 585mm/23.0" 585mm/23.0"
Aquarium Volume 224 L/59.3 gals 301 L/79.6 gals 527 L/139.1 gals 632 L/167 gals
Glass Material Opti-white/Ultra-clear glass Opti-white/Ultra-clear glass
Transmittance 91% 91%
Sump Sump Dimensions 680 x 450 x 380mm 680 x 450 x 380mm 920 x 520 x 400mm 820 x 520 x 400mm
26.8"×17.7"×15" 26.8"×17.7"×15" 36.2"×20.5"×15.7" 32.3"×20.5"×15.7"
Sump Volume 109 L/28.9 gals 109 L/28.9 gals 179 L/47.2 gals 159 L/42 gals
Glass Thickness 6mm (1/4") 6mm (1/4") 8mm (5/16") 8mm (5/16")
Refugium Chamer
(Max Dimensions)
N/A N/A 219 x 392mm 219 x 440mm
8.6"×15.4" 8.6"×17.3"
Refugium Chamer
(Min Dimensions)
219 x 392mm 219 x 440mm
8.6"×15.4" 8.6"×17.3"
Skimmer Chamber
(w/o Refugium)
340 x 438mm 340 x 438mm 392 x 504mm 440 x 504mm
13.4"×17.2" 13.4"×17.2" 15.4"×19.8" 17.3"×19.8"
Skimmer Chamber
(with Min Refugium)
N/A N/A 279 x 392mm 279 x 440mm
11"×15.4" 11"×17.3"
Skimmer Chamber
(with Max Refugium)
279 x 392mm 279 x 440mm
11"×15.4" 11"×17.3"
Pump Chamber 170 x 213mm 170 x 213mm 227 x 279mm 227 x 279mm
6.7"×8.4" 6.7"×8.4" 8.9"×11" 8.9"×11"
RO Reservor DIM 101 x 438 x 374mm 101 x 438 x 374mm 142 x 504 x 392mm ATO Tank
4"×17.2"×14.7" 4"×17.2"×14.7" 5.6"×19.8"×15.4"
RO Volume 16.5 L/4.4 gals 16.5 L/4.4 gals 28.1 L/7.4 gals
ATO Tank ATO Dimensions N/A N/A N/A 380 x 485 x 400mm
ATO Volume 69 L/18.1 gals
Glass Thickness 6mm (1/4")
Plumbing Main Drain DN25 DN25 DN32 DN32
Emergency Overflow DN25 DN25 DN32 DN32
Pump Return DN20 DN20 DN25 DN25
Nozzles DN15 x 2 DN15 x 2 DN20 x 2 DN20 x 2
Filter Socks 105mm/4" x 2 105mm/4" x 2 105mm/4" x 4 105mm/4" x 4
Cabinet Cabinet Model PWD 3620 PWD 4820 UVD 6025 UVD 7225
Cabinet Dimensions 900 x 500 x 1000mm 1200 x 500 x 1000mm 1536 x 643 x 900mm 1836 x 643 x 900mm
35.4"×19.7"×39.4" 47,2"×19.7"×39.4" 60.5"×25.3"×35.4" 72.3"×25.3"×35.4"
Sump Compartment
Inner Dimensions
810 x 460mm 710 x 460mm 915 x 605mm 815 x 605mm
31.9"×18.1" 28"×18.1" 36"×23.8" 32.1"×23.8"
Material 18mm solid plywood 18mm solid plywood
Paint Laminted PU Painting (side & front)
Color W-White, B-Black W-White, B-Black


*   All volumes are calculated from net tank dimension less the glass thickness.  They may vary dependent on user configuration and system application.
**  All specifications are subject to changes without prior notice.

Home Delivery

Getting your Waterbox Aquarium home has never been easier with direct freight. 

You Can Now Choose From The Following Service Levels

Waterbox Aquariums has partnered with FedEx to provide our customers with an enhanced delivery service called Freight Direct. Getting your Waterbox Aquarium home has never been easier.


Standard curbside delivery is included, free of charge on FRAG, REEF, PENINSULA & CLEAR PRO models from our dock to your home. 


Delivery to the front door, back door or inside the garage. This does not include any ascension of stairs. This option also allows you to conveniently set and confirm your two-hour delivery window via text. Freight Direct will keep you up to date on the movement of your shipment the day of delivery, by letting you know when the driver is en route to your home. *


Delivery to any room in your home, even the second floor! This option is a two-person delivery with placement in the room of your choice. It includes all of the perks of Inside Delivery, plus optional packing removal. This means our delivery driver will haul away the pallet for you upon request. Some models excluded based on weight restrictions.*

*Recipients must opt-in to receive text message notifications.

**Pallets over 1,500 pounds are not eligible for Entryway/Garage or Premium Delivery services.

***Packaging removal to be requested by the end customer by providing consent at time of delivery. 

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