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The Triton series is designed to work with the Triton method which is becoming increasingly popular as it does not require water changes, which no one enjoys. One of the main requirements for the Triton method is to have a refugium sized at roughly 10% of the display tank volume. The TRITON26 refugium will hold over 6 gallons when at the highest water level setting (11.5″) allowing it to support tanks up to around 75 gallons. The V2 design incorporates a filter sock holder on the main inputs for mechanical filtration to polish the water from time to time if needed. Also, this feature allows you to move back to the more traditional filtration method with filter socks in the future. Some of the features of the TRITON26 are:

  • Refugium clear polycarbonate lid

  • Algae blocker

  • Independent water level control in refugium and skimmer sections

  • Two 4″ Filter Socks included

  • Additional 1″ input that can be placed in skimmer or return area

  • Cable/Hose organizers

  • Media platform with foam filter block

  • Laser engraved water level indicator

  • Four position countersunk probe holder

  • Quick connect 1/4″ hose input fittings for dosing and ATO inputs, one in refugium section and four in return section

  • Aquamarine blue coloring accents, solid white bottom and smoke back and around refugium section to block light and prevent unwanted algae growth in other sections


The TRITON26 has 3 main sections. Water enters the sump through the dual input fittings. A filter sock holder allows for placing 4″ filter socks under each input. Water then flows through the large refugium section that has a lid to prevent noise and water evaporation. Water then flows through the overflow teeth in the adjustable wall into Section 2.

Section 2 is typically where the protein skimmer is located. Water purposely exits Section 2 by flowing under the aquamarine wall to allow proteins to remain at the surface maximizing the potential for the protein skimmer to extract from the system. The water then flows through the media platform and foam filter block into Section 3. The media platform can be used to allow for several different filtration methods (bag of carbon, bio balls, bio media, rubble rock, etc.).

Section 3 is the return section where the return pump will sit, pumping water back to the display tank.


1. Filter sock holder

2. Two 1″ input fittings

3. Quick connect hose inputs for dosing and ATO (x1 in refugium, x4 in return)

4. Refugium clear polycarbonate lid

5. Cutout to allow mounting of refugium light

6. Cable/Hose organizer (x2)

7. Four position probe holder with countersunk holes

8. Additional 1″ input, can be placed in skimmer or return area

9. Laser engraved water level indicator

10. Adjustable water level in skimmer section

11. Media platform with foam filter block

12. Adjustable water level in refugium section

13. Algae blocker


The TRITON26 comes with two main 1″ input fittings with extension pipes in the refugium section. A filter sock holder is installed so that 4″ filter socks (included) can be used for mechanical filtration if desired.  These fittings allow for a 1″ PVC pipe to be glued into the fitting. If using sand or mud in the refugium, we recommend putting 1″ PVC elbows at the bottom of the extension pipes to avoid water flow from stirring up the sand or mud.

An additional 1″ input is installed on a bracket that can be placed in the skimmer or return area. Possible install areas are shown by the arrows in the picture. Two locations are available in the skimmer area to allow spacing for fitting different protein skimmers. This additional input is typically used for the siphon style overflow design for the emergency drain. The emergency drain is typically dry and will only have water flow through it when the other two main drains have issues. Therefore, we recommend to not have an extension pipe so the noise made when water flows through this input can be heard. Another common use for the additional input is in the return area for the return pump plumbing.




A lid is provided to cover the refugium section. This lid is made of clear polycarbonate so that it will not warp over time due to humidity and temperature. This lid helps to prevent excessive water evaporation and reduce noise. The inside of the top bracing has a lip for the lid to recess into giving it a nice look. There is also a notch cutout in the top bracing in the back to allow multiple lights to be mounted.



Hose and/or cable holders are provided to help keep the power cables, probe wires, hoses, etc. nice and organized. Two are provided, one located above the probe holder and the other located in the return section.



Probe holder can hold up to 4 probes. One of the holes is larger to accommodate larger probes. The holes are countersunk to prevent probes from falling through. O-rings are provided to wrap around the probes to provide added support if required


Subtle water level height indicator is laser engraved on the inside wall to help when setting the adjustable water level to to the desired water height based on protein skimmer requirements.


In the 2″ area between the skimmer section and return section, there is a media platform with a foam filter block on top. This can be used to hold the foam filter block that is provided or bags of other media.


Some types of algae will float at the top of the water surface. The algae blocker will stop floating algae from getting clogged up at the overflow teeth of the refugium wall. The blocker will force the water to flow under the blocker while leaving the algae floating at the surface.


Water level in the skimmer section is adjustable from 7″ to 9.5″ to accommodate for the water height requirements for different protein skimmers. Simply move the adjustable wall to the desired height location (use the laser engraved water level indicator to assist) and then tighten the two bolts to hold in place.

Water level in the refugium section is also adjustable (from 8″ to 11.5″). The TRITON method requires higher flow rate through the sump than most other methods. Depending on your flow settings through the refugium and skimmer sections, water noise and splashing may be an issue. We made both levels configurable so you can fine tune based on individual needs.


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