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We have been testing our PLATINUM series for over a year and a half to make sure we have a solid, proven design. This series includes an automated, continuous mechanical filtration that replaces filter socks. We tested several different designs and found that having the fleece roll system sized to the sump is by far the most efficient. Our fleece rolls have been lasting 4 to over 6 months, unlike filter socks that need to be changed every few days. Every user so far has reported improved water quality, with some stating algae is no longer a problem. The fleece rolls are 8″ or 10″ wide depending on the model and 150 feet long. Each sump comes with 2 rolls in the box.

This design will automatically roll new fleece to be filtered as soon as the fleece in the sump becomes dirty. We created a diamond pattern for the water to flow through which follows the gem theme, but purposely uses the most surface area on the fleece. Maximizing surface area is key in this design to allow the fleece to last longer and to allow for more water flow. We have tested up to 3000 gph without any flow issues. That was the biggest pump we had!

We spared no expense on the PLATINUM line. We used a high torque motor which is critical when pulling the fleece in high flow applications and not burning up. We added redundant shut off sensors to ensure the fleece roll stops when the return pump shuts off. There are wire channels that hide the wires. On all models except the cube, the middle wall that separates the skimmer and refugium sections is move-able and removable allowing you to ensure your skimmer fits and maximizing the area for the refugium. Or you can remove and have one large chamber. A few more details and specs are listed below.

Note that the time the fleece roll lasts and how much water flow can be pushed through may vary and depends on return pump flow rate and how dirty the water is (bio load). It is expected that the first roll will be used up faster as it polishes the water.





The sensors in the fleece area that tell the motor to turn and stop turning are on a slider that you can move up and down to put the sensor in the correct position. The position is not the same for all setups as the water level will be different. So this feature allows you to set the level without having to put your hands in the water. We also added an extra shut off sensor that is placed in the return pump area as this is the first area to change as soon as the return pump is shut off. Having redundant sensors gives you peace of mind you won’t come home and all the fleece is used up in case of a pump failure.


Are you tired of trying to find a skimmer that fits your sump or trying to find a sump that has a skimmer section that accommodates your skimmer? On the PLATINUM series, in all the sumps except the cube, the middle wall can be moved around to make the skimmer section and refugium section custom sizes. This allows you to make the skimmer section the optimal size to fit your skimmer which in turn maximizes the refugium section. If you don’t care to have a wall and prefer one large area, the wall can be removed. It is required to use the sliding cross brace, even if the wall is removed. This keeps the sump from bowing out over time.


In some applications, over time, salt creep can build up around the edges of the input plate. We have added a gasket to seal the area between the sump and the input plate to prevent salt creep build up.


The PLATINUM series has all the bells and whistles. Below is a list of additional features. We will add more details soon.

1. Four 0.25″ tubing quick disconnects for dosing and ATO
2. Cord holders to secure wires, cables and hoses
3. Polycarbonate lid over fleece area
4. Four position probe holder
5. Wire channels to hide wires
6. Adjustable water level with self adjusting top platform
7. Dual acrylic platforms with diamond cut out pattern
8. Laser engraved water level markings
9. Additional 1″ input fitting that can be placed along top brace


Dimensions: 34″ long x 15″ wide x 15″ high
Max height in fleece area: 22″ high
Fleece roll: 10″ wide x 150 feet long
Middle Section: 17.75″ x 14.5″
Return Pump Section: 6″ x 12.5″
Total Water Volume: 31 gallons
Skimmer Water Level: 7″ to 9.5″ adjustable
Drain Input Fitting: 1″ (x2) plus extra 1″ move-able fitting

Platinum Setup Video


    How it Works

    The slider in the fleece area has 2 sensor: a top sensor and a bottom sensor. The bottom sensor, which has the white wire, is the main sensor. During normal operation, it should be placed about 1/2″ above the water level in the fleece area. As the fleece gets dirty from catching particulates in the water, it will cause the water level in this fleece area to rise. It will rise up and make the bottom main sensor rise up. When the bottom main sensor moves up, it will turn the motor. As the motor turns, it will bring in new fleece. The new fleece will then make the water level go back down which will make the bottom main sensor go back down and turn off the motor. This process is repeated over and over in small increments keeping the water continuously filtered.

    The other two sensors with the black wires are shut off sensors. We used two for redundancy. When either of these black wired shut off sensors move to the up position, it will shut off the motor. This is necessary to make sure the motor does not continuously move when the return pump shuts off (for example when doing a water change). One of theses sensors should be placed in the return pump area about 1/2″ above the normal operating water level. If an ATO unit is used that makes the return pump area water level go up and down over time, then you will want to place the sensor about 1/2″ above the highest water level. The other black wired shut off sensor is located on the slider above the bottom main sensor in the fleece area. This is to shut off the motor in case the water level continues to rise in the fleece area. There is also an emergency opening in the fleece area that will allow the water to empty out into the skimmer/refugium section in case it rises preventing the sump from overflowing.

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