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Color: Blue


Twisted Skimmer 6-24

The most powerful and efficient protein skimmer on earth.

True Power Skimming

Processes 200% - 300% more water / waste per hour than all needle wheel protein skimmers of comparable size.

Bashsea's Twisted Skimmer is the most powerful, stable, and efficient protein skimmer on earth.

Full body reaction chamber

Our extra large reaction chamber greatly increases dwell time.

This results in optimum nutrient removal.

Efficient Injection and Mixing

Bashsea's patent pending injection and mixing system offers distinct advantages and abilities:

  • Provides the ability to inject ozone
  • Forces air and water through a pre-determined path
  • Delivers 100% air and water mixing efficiency

The Bashsea Bubble Plate

Bashsea's laser cut bubble plate is engineered to minimize turbulence.

Reduced turbulence increases efficiencyduring dwell time.

Easy Maintenance Collection Cup

Simple removal

Quick 1/4 turn key hole cup removal & 100% air tight true O-ring seal

Connect Waste Collector

John Guest stem fitting for a simple attachment to our Waste Collector


Complete Water Control

The included gate valve allows for complete, precise, and stable water level control.

In Use Advantages

  • Will never overflow
  • No adjustments necessary after the initial setup
  • No reliance on a constant sump water height

Additional Features

  • Can be used internally or externally
  • True O-Ring seals
  • Precision CNC key hole flanges
  • For salt water environments only
  • Commercial grade durability & craftsmanship
  • Superior quality build materials
Length x Width x Height
Product Dimensions
12.2" x 7.25" x 24"
( 30.99cm x 18.42cm x 60.96cm )
Packaging Dimensions
16" x 12" x 29"
( 40.64cm x 30.48cm x 73.66cm )
Product Weight
15 lb
( 6.8 kg )
Packaging Weight
18 lb
( 8.16 kg )
Base Dimensions (L x W)
7.25" x 12.25"
( 18.42cm x 31.12cm )
Chamber Diameter
( 15.24cm )
Water Input Diameter
( 3.81cm )
Clean Water Return Diameter
( 2.54cm )
Collection Cup Drain Diameter
( 0.95cm )
Recommended Aquarium Setup
NOTE: Bio load can affect recommendations
Flow Rate Min
600 gal / hr
( 2271.25 L / hr )
Flow Rate Max
1000 gal / hr
( 3785.41 L / hr )
Aquarium Min Volume
90 gal
( 340.69 L )
Aquarium Max Volume
150 gal
( 567.81 L )
Water Pump Sicce 4.0, Sicce 5.0 ( or equivalent )

Depending on color, lead time can vary from 2-3 weeks.

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