• Detects leaks on contact

    • Instantly alerts you via your mobile device

    • Monitor for leaks in up to four locations

    • Includes two leak detection probes

    • Remaining two ports can be used for more leak detection probes or other optional sensors and accessories

    • Installs in less than 5 minutes!

    • No programming required!


    Aquarium leaks are one of the most feared events for even the most seasoned aquarist – and for good reason. When it comes to leaks, it’s not just about whether you’ll have one, but when it happens, will you catch it in time? Most often if you catch a leak in the early stages, when it is a simple drip, you prevent hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in damage.

    The LDK includes everything you need to enable your Apex to detect leaks in two locations. Two additional leak detection probes can be purchased separately (4 total).

    When the LDK detects a leak, your Apex can sound an alarm, send an alert to your mobile device, or take other actions on your aquarium. The LDK provides the ultimate in disaster prevention for this all too common aquarium issue.

    The LDK includes the FMM – Fluid Monitoring Module that is plug-and-play and will work with any Apex. The FMM has four ports for use with the two included leak detection probes. The other two ports are then available to be used for more leak detection probes, flow sensors, or optical water level sensors.


    1. Plug the FMM Module into your Apex

    Plug the included AquaBus cable into the FMM and then plug it into any free AquaBus port on your Apex System.

    2. Plug in the leak detection probes

    The LDK comes with two Leak Detection Probes. Simply connect them to the FMM module and then place them in locations you think most likely to get wet first when a leak occurs.

    3. Run the LDK Task in Apex Fusion

    There is a specific Task in Apex Fusion that will take you step by step through the remainder of the install process.  NO PROGRAMMING REQUIRED!

    Use the Task in Apex Fusion to set it up, NO PROGRAMMING!


    Included FMM is incredibly versatile

    This multipurpose module can be used for more than just leak detection. It has four ports so once you plug in the two included leak detection probes, you then many different options that can plug into the two empty ports.  More info on FMM here.

    Super easy to add more leak detection probes

    If you want to be protected from leaks in more than two locations, simply buy up to two more leak detection probes and plug them into the empty ports on the FMM.

    Add flow monitoring as well

    If you want even more protection on your aquarium, plug a flow monitoring sensor into one, or both, of the free ports on the FMM.

    Plug-and-play optical water level sensors too!

    Optical sensors with magnetic mounts are available that plug right into the FMM. Use these to detect high or low water levels in your sump, water mixing containers, and so much more. Find out about all the FMM Accessories here.

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