MXM – All Together Now

  • Wirelessly connect EcoTech & AquaIllumination gear using an Apex
  • Automate and control EcoTech & AI gear using Apex Fusion
  • Compatible with all A2 & A3 Apex systems
  • Wirelessly control up to 25 Mobius devices


Neptune Systems, EcoTech Marine, and AquaIllumination have joined forces to bring MXM to life. Now all your favorite EcoTech and AI pumps and lights can be under the wireless control of Apex & Apex Fusion—the user-friendly, yet powerful, interface you already know and love. No more switching between multiple apps.

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Why Use MXM?

Aside from the benefit of all your devices on one control app, having Apex Fusion control your EcoTech or AquaIllumination gear means that you can include it in your Apex feed modes and other automation.

This allows you to do things like start a feeding cycle for your fish and corals. Have your Apex set your Vortech powerheads to a light pulse setting, activate feed intensity for your Vectra return pump, turn off your skimmer, and activate your AFS – all with the push of a single button or at a scheduled time.

This is only one small example of what MXM can do. Mix and match your favorite equipment from EcoTech, AI, and Neptune Systems and know that it’ll all work together in perfect harmony.



EcoTech Marine

  • Radion XR15 & XR30 LED Lights (G5 | G6)
  • Vortech MQD Series (MP10 | MP40 | MP60)
  • Vectra Series 2 (S2 | M2 | L2)


  • Hydra Series (32 HD | 64 HD)
  • Prime 16HD (Reef | Freshwater | Sol | Fuge)
  • Nero Series (Nero 3 | Nero 5 | Nero 7)
  • Blade (Grow | Glow | Freshwater | Refugium)

*Requires Neptune Systems Apex A3 (Apex Pro, Apex, Apex Jr.) or Apex A2 (Apex, Apex EL)


Simple Setup – As Easy as MXM

1) Setup your MXM, EcoTech, and AI devices in Mobius

2) Release control to your Apex

3) Access Apex Fusion for expanded features and control


What’s Included?

MXM Module

3’ AquaBus Cable

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