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Dr. Tim's AquaticsSKU: DT-461

Size: 4 oz


Eco-Balance Probiotic Bacteria for Reef, Nano and Seahorse Aquaria

Probiotics for Core System Health

Naturally balance, restore and maintain your aquarium

Use DrTim’s Eco-Balance Probiotic Bacteria to Promote Optimal Water Quality

Eco-Balance Multi-Strained Probiotic Bacteria helps with the following:

  • Maintains a balanced, healthy aquarium environment
  • Blocks out unfriendly bacteria
  • Promotes optimal water quality
  • 100% Natural

The normal processes in an aquarium cause the system to become unbalanced, allowing unfriendly bacteria and algae to dominate and negatively impact water quality.

Eco-Balance uses friendly, 100% natural, probiotic bacteria to help reduce the numbers of bad bacteria in your aquarium. Use Eco-Balance on a weekly basis to restore and maintain a clean, balanced, healthy aquarium.

Choose the size best suited for your system:
4 oz bottle treats 120 gallons (454 liters)
8 oz bottle treats 240 gallons (908 liters)
16 oz bottle treats 480 gallons (1,817 liters)
32 oz bottle treats 960 gallons (3,634 liters)
64 oz bottle treats 1,920 gallons (7,268 liters)
128 oz bottle treats 3,840 gallons (14,534 liters)

Contains probiotics against coral Vibrios
Increase reef water quality & is 100% safe
Helps all corals block out unfriendly bacteria

Probiotics for Core System Health

Research has demonstrated that friendly probiotic bacteria are key to maintaining a balanced, healthy reef aquarium environment.  The normal processes in an aquarium upsets this balance which can allow unfriendly bacteria and algae to dominate and this can negatively affect water quality.

Eco-Balance uses friendly reef probiotic bacteria that provide stress relief and enhance the stress resistance of corals and fish.  Eco-Balance restores and maintains a balanced reef aquarium environment promoting beneficial bacteria while reducing the number of bad bacteria resulting in a cleaner, healthier reef aquarium.

Directions for Use:
CAUTION: When using for the first time consider a half-dose as the potent bacteria in Eco-Balance may cause oxygen levels in the water to temporarily drop.

Minimum dose 10 ml per 10 gallons of aquarium water.

A weekly dose will keep your aquarium in balance


Product Bottle Size (oz) 2 4 8 16 32 64 128
Amount of Water Treated (gal) 60 120 240 480 960 1920 3840
Amount of Water Treated (L) 227 454 908 1817 3634 7267 14534


Latest Research Results on Eco-Balance Probiotic Bacteria

Below are some of the research results demonstrating the unique ability of probiotic bacteria, conducted by the researchers at DrTim’s Aquatics. In this case, the study examined the effect unique isolates had on the growth on Vibrio shiloi, a bacterium that has been shown to cause major harm to corals in the wild.

The results shown are just one of many, many trials performed to isolate special strains of Bacillus that showed an ability to inhibit the growth of Vibrio shiloi or other bacteria that can cause problems in aquaria and ponds.

We will update the results and details of our testing on a regular basis to show how real science is put in every product we package.

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